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Inauguration of India first clinic on Chennai
Innaguration of thermography research centre in Puduchery
INDE- Kalpakkam IGCAR.
NSMT-National Seminar on Medical Thermography 2011
Launching DITI in Maharashtra, Gujarat & Goa.
Breast screening camp @ St. Joseph College, Cuddalore
One day Medical Thermograpjy Workshop @ VIT, Vellore 2015.
New formation of blood vessels is seen in cancer cells/region. when there is hemoangiogensis in a focal lesion there will be increased blood supply. This will cause increase in temperature .This can be detected easily by thermography before the focal lesion is felt by finger as a palpable lump. With this advantage the cancer can be detcted in a very early stage that is before the patient has symptoms of before the doctor see a lump
Every Woman's right and Every Woman's responsibility

"Early detection saves lives"
Thermography is a painless, non invasive, state of the art clinical test without any exposure to radiation and is used as part of an early detection program which gives women of all ages the opportunity to increase their chances of detecting breast disease at an early stage.
Breast cancers tend to grow significantly faster in younger women under age 50:
Under 50
80 Days
Age 50 - 70
157 Days
Over Age 70
188 Days
Cancer 71: 3547 - 3551, 1993
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